Memic set to ease hysterectomies using mini Robotic Surgeons

According to the statistics, an estimated figure of around 600,000 American women has hysterectomies every year to treat a variety of non-cancerous conditions.

Even though hysterectomy is one of the most safest and cost-effective ways with the fastest recovery chances to treat hysterectomies only 15-20% of uterus removals are done this way.

To address this  Memic Innovative Surgery received a series D funding of $96 million and marketing approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Hominis robotic surgery system developed by the Memic will get through anatomical barriers that human surgeons can’t, such as pelvic organ prolapse.

“This is what robotics can do,” says Dvir Cohen, CEO, and president of Memic. “It’s a fundamental architectural change and there is nothing else like this in the market.”

Hominis offers human-level dexterity, flexibility, and 360 degrees of articulation and thus is the first FDA-authorized surgical robotic platform. It has the capability to replicate the movements of a surgeon’s hand, shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints.

Miniaturization of Surgical Procedures.

“When I joined the company, I found out surgeons desire to miniaturize themselves inside the abdominal cavity,” says Cohen, “so I developed a robotic system with fingers, shoulders, and wrists, with 360 degrees of flexion, which is unheard of in the field of surgical robotics.”

Hominis also is a game-changer because instead of the usual bulky and expensive controllers usually used in surgical robotics, its positioning technology allows for a handheld controller at a fraction of the cost.

Future of Memic Hominis

Or Yehuda-based Memic, established in 2012, opened a US subsidiary in Florida last year for global sales, marketing, customer support, and education.

“Our team built a training program with a fast learning curve, for surgeons with and without robotics experience,” says Cohen.

“We have a team ready to sell it and we have tremendous interest from surgeons and hospitals and surgery centers. We have multiple site visits per day.”

“Memic brings to the market a disruptive laparoscopic robotic surgery technology that entails a substantially improved surgical technique that is also significantly cheaper and capable of surgical procedures the competition is unable to conduct,” said Eyal Lifschitz, managing general partner of Peregrine Ventures, a lead investor in the recent Series D round.

“Memic is on the road to implementing the vision of becoming a major global player that will enable surgeons to conduct safer laparoscopic procedures that will be more precise, will lead to a more rapid recovery, and will also lead to billions of dollars in lower costs for hospitals in the form of a substantial reduction in days of hospitalization,” Lifschitz concluded.

Source: Memicmed

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